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Secret about

Glasgow, 9/6/23

Oh-ho! You found my secret About me page! Good job? I think?
I thought about making one of those rabbit hole-y pages, with endless hidden links and strange loops (of which I am one, supposedly), but I don't think I'm skilled or ambitious enough. But these wee hidden pages - that I can do! It's 6:26am and while I want to blame someone else for flipping my sleep schedule on its tiny head, it's entirely my fault. Or, it's stress and excitement and fear and even more stress. Anyway - this wasn't meant to be a diary entry, so we better get on with the secret facts!

Favourite colours: BRIGHT red and most shades of green
Favourite fruits: Granny Smith apples, cherries, wild strawberries, pears, raspberries, blackberries, NOT the American kind of blueberries, redcurrants...list goes on!
Favourite foods: most soups and maybe breaded stuff, mostly fish and halloumi and tofu. I'm not sure. A lot of food is very good. Dumplings. Lentil stew. Anything asparagus. I eat a lot of eggs and a lot of homemade bread.
Favourite animals: ALL OF THEM.

Sometimes I forget to change my sheets for a long time, but it's mostly because I don't have very many sheets to change between right now. It's one of my favourite things to spend money on, textiles. Textiles and art and sometimes clothing and gifts. My sister has impeccable taste and I sometimes feel silly for liking the things I like. I don't forget to change my towels, though. I like baking bread and cooking things from scratch, lazy ornithology, walking and looking at things, wearing secretly funny outfits (such as: matching my underwear to my on-top-of-my-underwear-wear, wearing a disguise, centering my clothes around a somewhat abstract theme), messages from Brian (especially YouTube videos, nerd shit and when he recommends stuff), all the dogs in Queen's Park, miss spellling things on porpoise, The Great Pottery Throw Down, a lot of different music, and curry crisps. I have been in love. I'm sick and that's okay. I sometimes have self-inflicted wounds. I spend most of my time completely alone. A lot of things hurt a lot of the time, and I'm terrified of my parents dying. And of my siblings dying, and of Laura and Marcell and Brian dying. Sometimes the anger overflows into every single one of my nooks and crannies. Most of the time I'm just tired.