❦Clay Coloured❦

Bleak and bland, a bothersome blight.



Glasgow, 7/6/23. Edited Umeå, 3/12/23

M.F. Eriksson (b.1996, Linköping) is a Swedish artist based in Umeå.

  • MFA Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, 2023-2025
  • BFA(Hons) Glasgow School of Art, 2019-2022

That's how you write an About me page for a portfolio website. But this isn't a portfolio website, so I need to think of something else. I'm twenty-seven and have adult acne. I'm one hundred and sixty-seven or maybe sixty-eight centimeters tall, which is taller than average in the UK and average in Scandinavia. My head and hands are small compared to the rest of my body, though the rest of my body is pretty small too. I run and lift not too heavy weights at home; in the Summer I like riding my bike and wild swimming. I'm not pedantic about other people making spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, but I can get annoying about incorrectly placed commas and such. My favourite author might be Shirley Jackson, but I don't read enough anymore to have a strong opinion. At the time of writing, I'm reading John Ajvide Lindquist's's Vänligheten and Annika Norlins's Stacken.

Writing serves as a getaway from my primary artistic practice (oil painting, mostly) and my secondary artistic practice (making miniature furniture and clothes and whatnot for a toy mouse) and although on occasion quite sincere, what is posted here should be viewed as part of a highly unserious and frivolous output.

If you for some inexplicable reason wish to contact me, I can be reached at gorgophonesemail@gmail.com.